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The Ernst family are the founders and owners of Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson® in Spokane Valley, Washington. One of us is always at the dealership and we would like to meet so please ask for one of us, either Greg Ernst(father), Hollie Ernst(wife) or Chris Ernst(Son) the next time you visit.

We opened the dealership in May 2008, at the start of the Great Recession and we have grown every year since. In 2010 we purchased a neighboring Harley-Davidson® dealership. In 2011 we merged the two dealerships into the current location in Spokane Valley. In 2013 we opened a smaller secondary dealership in Lewiston, Idaho, called Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson®. Starting in 2015 we opened the Riding Academy at Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson®, continuing our growth.

From the beginning, our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Today we are recognized as one of the largest Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the country with the best selection of new and used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, general merchandise, riding gear, clothing, parts, and accessories. Our Harley-Davidson® certified service technicians are the best in the industry. Many of them are Master Technicians, the highest honor a Harley-Davidson® certified technician can achieve. We invest heavily in their continued education; we know how beneficial it is to constantly be pushing our technicians to improve their skills to better serve you, our customers.

Our growth is the result of having an exceptional staff who strive to make every customer experience an exceptional one. And we know that we are blessed to have the greatest customer base on the planet. You live to ride!

You ride from here to Sturgis. You ride from here to Milwaukee. Across the entire U.S. to Washington DC, riding across Canada up to Alaska. Down to Socal. In the winter many of you ride with us in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Utah, the Grand Canyon and New Mexico. And of course, you ride throughout our beautiful Inland Northwest.

Yes, we are blessed. With your help, faith, and support to the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company we have achieved what many in our industry considered impossible. In 2000 we achieved the Bronze Bar and Shield Award for outstanding customer service. Following that up we achieved the Gold Bar & Shield Award in 2010, 2011, 2012, three years in a row we achieved this amazing customer service award. For 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018 we achieved the Silver Bar & Shield Award. During this time we opened up one dealership and bought another. Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson® strives to achieve this honor every year. We want you to know you are our number one priority.

Our staff lives to ride, especially with you, our customers and family. Bill, Chris and Greg and the entire staff are always looking to ride on our time off! So throw a leg over and come ride with us!

Greg & Hollie Ernst

Dealer Owner

"If you truly treat your customers, and employees, and vendors like family, they will treat you like family, and your relationships will be long-term…"

The Lone Wolf Gang
Store Front

"The building was 80,000 square feet on 11acres in Spokane Valley......."


Many riders consider themself, while on the road, a lone wolf. Riding in a pack can be a very individualistic experience, even in that group setting. Plus, the name, at least around this neck of the woods, stirs up a little bit of controversy. Nothing wrong with a little attitude in a name.

The Story has continued to be fast and furious! The economy changed in 2008 drastically. Companies were going out of business all over the country. By the grace of God, we survived and grew. We bought out the Spokane dealership in July 2010. Opened our second dealership, Timber Wolf Harley-Davidson®, in August 2010 in the original location on Trent. The dealership was successful but needed a new location that could be seen from the highway. We started looking and found an unbelievable location with an existing building on it. The building was 80,000 square feet on 11 acres in Spokane Valley.

Wow, were we excited to see if we could make this work! Through the help of Sterling Bank, Harley-Davidson®, hard work, and tenacity, we opened a beautiful 70,000 square foot remodel showroom in July 2011. We decided to close our first dealership in Coeur d’Alene and merge the two dealerships into one beautiful showroom. The decision was bittersweet to close Coeur d’Alene because it was where it all started. With Harley-Davidson®’s approval, we thought it would be better for the community of riders and for our business to consolidate. The opening of our new dealership was called Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson® because we had a huge attachment to our beginning.


We have been riding wild and crazy, but boy…what a ride! Harley-Davidson®is the best business in the world. The reason I am saying this is because it is a people business that revolves around the best brand in the world. Harley-Davidson® is all about having fun, creating memories, making new friends and staying young. We have met so many awesome people and love to hear each person’s story.


When you walk into our showroom, we make each customer feel like it’s their home away from home. You can have a great cup of coffee at our customer lounge, kick your feet up and relax in front of the fire, have a hot dog, check out all the new cool H-D bikes and merchandise, play some pool or meet up for a H.O.G. ride. Greg and the boys are very active in the business. They are at the bell ringing to shake your hand when you’ve purchased a new bike, on many of the local rides, and of course, hanging out at the numerous events we always have going on.

We don’t take our relationships with our customers lightly. You are the lifeblood of this industry. You keep us going. We consider you family. We are here to help you fulfill your dreams of personal freedom any way we possibly can. We work hard. We care about each person walking through the doors. Because of our great staff, our great customers, and of course Harley-Davidson®, we have been successful. Our success has been multifaceted but also simple. This is a relationship business. We provide our customers with an experience that is ultimate. We make it fun. So stop by and see why we say:

"It’s Always a Party at Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson®."