We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of customer service.

It was wonderful. I'm from CA and needed a Lone Wolf shirt!! Caprice took care of me and I just love her.

Cat Meow

Amazing service! Great show room floor. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. I love coming here!


Having a knowledgeable parts counterman can make a huge difference. I called up and placed an order, providing the numbers myself. Lucky for me Tim Street was the one that got my order off the shelf. By the other parts that were in the box he knew what job I was doing, and saw I had ordered the wrong gasket. Tim saved me from having to make another hour long drive into the store!

Lance Morris

We had a blast talking to some of the bikers and we took some pictures too.

Angel Heustis

I visit here way to often lol such nice people and great bikes!

Naomi Holt

Want a bike go see Jet City Harley Davidson. Great service, great selection, great atmosphere, always something cool and fun going on. Need parts or accessories, go see Frank he's got you covered.

Ralph Smiley

Love love love this place they sure upped their clothing game good job


Damien, James, Shellie and Sam rock. They will help you out like no other. They are the best. I cannot say enough about these people.

gary plumee